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Hair is usually critical company to Invoice; despite all his quirks, he's one particular hell of a barber. In "Hank's Lousy Hair Day", Invoice features to cut Hank's hair following his common barber is pressured to retire because of likely senile, but Hank declines.

When Bobby is considered the Lama, he utilizes the 3rd selection of "Choose anything you see on this rug", and he picks Connie, whose reflection he could see inside the mirror.

"Hank Rutherford Hill, that you are inside of just one hundred toes of me. And about I love to scoff within the regulation, I also choose to arbitrarily implement it!"

John Redcorn will get his comeuppance for his affair with Nancy by being forced to watch his only son be elevated by a deranged conspiracy nut (Regardless that Dale truly does show glimmers of remaining a much better father determine, regardless of whether the son he has is just not his biologically).

Hank is unsatisfied with a few legislation handed with the Arlen town council and so decides to run for just a seat to the council. Nevertheless, when he goes to file for his marketing campaign, he is educated that there is a vacancy and he wins it by default.

Hank, receiving an Icy-Sizzling backrub, freaking out and pulling on his shirt when Bobby walks into the place, Even with getting completely dressed through the waist down.

Peggy: There's an expression I as soon as heard, it goes anything like "Two's firm, 3's a group."

Double Typical: Hank presents this as his respond to when Bobby asks why it's regarded all right for a guy to acquire had sexual intercourse, but not a lady:

In "Yankee Hankee", despite even now remaining in boxer shorts, Hank suggests "I've acquired to cover my nudity!" and runs to the Alamo.

Pervy Patdown: In here "Lupe's Revenge", a female officer Hank unintentionally seduced pulls him in excess of and isn't going to Enable him go until eventually she will frisk him. Which she uses an a chance to seize his butt.

Getting a masculine haircut. Just after Hank's barber Jack bleaches Hank's hair out of spite, Hank is explained to by Buck that he can't be paid with the working day and has to take the afternoon off to acquire his hair dyed back to "a boy's coloration."

Crops up typically in "Sug Evening." In Hank's erotic dreams, Nancy's breasts are covered with either a burger or even a plate of them and she or he's Keeping a bag of buns in excess of her rear. Not a situation of Hand-or-Item Underwear since this is simply not deliberate covering on any individual's component.

In "Unfortunate Son", Peggy will make a parade float for Veterans Day consisting of 3 skeletons boosting a Jolly Roger flag within the Iwo Jima Pose, with "THE FUTILITY OF WAR" on the perimeters with the float. She apparently had no concept that the veterans at claimed parade would find it unbelievably offensive. At first her float was a normal Iwo Jima pose, but she adjusted it when Cotton refused to lend her his medals (however he did give to hire them for $400 per day), for the reason that authentic medals would evidently incorporate a Exclusive ingredient to it.

Bobby does this to Hank once the latter blames him for destroying his amazingly aged truck, despite being frequently informed it was on the absolute past of its legs.

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